For editing, I have a very simple pricing structure that has worked well for me. I charge $60.00 per hour for all my editing services unless the project is unusually lengthy. In that case, I will negotiate with you to arrive at a fair price.

Why do I charge the same amount when some services are much more involved than others? The time factor. Copy editing/proofreading goes much more quickly than, say, line editing or ESL editing. It all depends on how much work your manuscript needs. This is why I usually do two edits on the writing sample you send me: a copy edit, and a copy/line edit. It's true it's a bit time-consuming, but I feel it's essential because it allows me to come up with a realistic estimate of how long it will take me to edit your book. At the same time, it enables you to see how I work and decide which of the two types of edits meets your needs. 

For literary translation, I charge between $.10 and $.12 per word. The final price depends on the difficulty of the material.  

If you’d like to give me a try, don’t forget the introductory offer I made on the home page: For projects over twenty pages, I’ll edit or translate the first three pages (up to 750 words) FREE!! If you decide you’d like me to edit or translate the remainder of your manuscript, great! If you decide not to continue with the project, there’s no obligation.

Finally, all my work is 100% guaranteed.

Please contact me by phone or email, using the form you’ll find on the contact page. Thank you and I look forward to working with you!

"I especially recommend her services because not only is she a meticulous grammarian, she is also, and more importantly, a fantastic editor full of wonderfully creative and supportive insights."



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