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When you hire me to translate your novel, memoir, or short story to English, you’ll be getting the benefit not only of my extensive experience (20+ years) as a translator, but also my editorial expertise. There are quite a few Spanish>English and Italian>English translators for hire, but not many of them are also editors and published authors in their own right.

Recent literary translation projects

Oops, Someone's in Trouble: Book One of the three-book contemporary romance series, Accidentally in Love, by bestselling author Angela Camilla Pontone. Winter/Spring 2020. Available on  

Rogue Arena: I am currently (Spring 2020) translating the second book in a new three-book paranormal romance series by Elisa S. Amore, bestselling Italian author (in both Italian and English). I edited the translation of Dark Tournament, the first book in the series, previously. Her first YA saga, Touched, which included the novels The Caress of Fate; Unfaithful: The Deception of Night; Brokenhearted: The Power of Darkness; and Expiation: the Whisper of Death rose to the number one spots in their category shortly after publication, and have been bestsellers ever since. 

Flames of Rage, Book Three of the three-book paranormal reverse harem romance series, The Lost Fae, by bestselling author Angela Camilla Pontone. Winter 2019. Available on 

Flames of Truth, Book One of the three-book paranormal reverse harem romance series, The Lost Fae, by bestselling author Angela Camilla Pontone. Fall 2018/Winter 2019. Available on 

The Girl Who Learned to Dream, by bestselling author Pilar Menen Aventin (original Spanish title La chica de los sueños). Fall 2017/Spring 2018. Soon to be available on 

A Singular Baptism, a comedy of intrigue by bestselling author Carlos J. Server (original Spanish title Un bautizo singular). Winter, 2016. Available on

A Lucky Day, a comedy of intrigue by bestselling author Carlos J. Server (original Spanish title Un día con suerte). Summer, 2016. Available on

Operation Matryoshka, crime/terrorism thriller by bestselling author Álvaro Botija Ibáñez (original Spanish title Operación Matrioska). Spring, 2015. Available on

Lord of Minds, crime thriller by bestselling author Marcos Chicot (original Spanish title La Hermandad). Spring, 2014. Available on

Short story “The Crystal Ship,” by Alejandro Meneses (original Spanish title "El Barco de Cristal").  Colony, Spring, 2014.


“Anne Crawford is an excellent translator, meticulous and perceptive. Her command of English, her mother tongue, and particularly, American English, is impressive.”



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